In this space, we invite you to share your experiences and build this website with us. We all journey together with God and with one another. We live through constant change: internal and external and as mothers, we understand change to a heightened degree. We are life-givers. The triune God is our life-giver. In this space, we will seek to learn how to integrate each part of our life so that what we might offer up is every aspect of ourselves as prayer.

Whether you seek Spiritual Rehabilitation or just a little Spiritual Replenishment, we hope that this site might be a place where we can feed you and you can feed us as we seek to develop a series of workshops that the church might use to meet women as they 'become' mothers: a time of such rapid transformation.

Our materials can be developed in response to what we discover here and most important of all, our stories can be told.


Life before...

This is a piece of writing by Katie Tupling which I thought was rather beautiful. 

There are few things that make you live quite so much in the present moment, as when your life is captivated by your baby son or daughter in their dependence upon you. It can be as challenging as it can be beautiful. Katie captures her experiences here of her son at twenty weeks old. 

Picture by imagebank 

I can't remember my life clearly before Sam arrived - I sort of remember parts of it, as I remember events from my life when other people reminisce or I look at photographs.

But the reality is, there is only today. I look at photos of when Sam was born, nearly 20 weeks ago, and it feels like a lifetime ago. I don't remember him being that tiny, I struggle to recall the reality of the early days in hospital, and have hazy memories of the difficult first weeks and the tough decisions to first switch to bottle feeding and then onto formula.

There is only today. He is asleep in his pram at the end of the sofa, and soon he'll wake up with a full nappy and an empty tummy. We'll listen to the radio as I feed him baby porridge, scrape most of it off his face as he gives me that huge, accepting, toothless grin, and then we'll smile and laugh and play until he's tired and needs to sleep again. I'll hold him for a moment, looking for the cues that he's ready for a nap - him burying his head into my neck, making small cries, and trying to pull my face off - and I'll kiss him softly on his cheek, whisper that I love him very much, and lay him down gently. He'll grumble for a moment, suck his thumb, and fall asleep with his thumb just resting at the edge of his mouth.

My beautiful son, my treasure, my beloved.

  • What have your experiences as a parent done to your sense of time? 
  • How might God be reaching you in the everyday moments? 
  • Where do you see him, hear him as you orientate yourself around your little one?