In this space, we invite you to share your experiences and build this website with us. We all journey together with God and with one another. We live through constant change: internal and external and as mothers, we understand change to a heightened degree. We are life-givers. The triune God is our life-giver. In this space, we will seek to learn how to integrate each part of our life so that what we might offer up is every aspect of ourselves as prayer.

Whether you seek Spiritual Rehabilitation or just a little Spiritual Replenishment, we hope that this site might be a place where we can feed you and you can feed us as we seek to develop a series of workshops that the church might use to meet women as they 'become' mothers: a time of such rapid transformation.

Our materials can be developed in response to what we discover here and most important of all, our stories can be told.


Recommended reading

Feeling a little under-appreciated, knowing God loves you should be enough but sometimes in our humanity we still feel rather lost. Being a mum is gift indeed but all all consuming. It is easy to lose the identity you had before children and this book will help you to think through who you are in God's eyes. That you are a mother is just a part of it.

Rivedeneira helps mothers to understand how God still wants to use you in ways that let your gifts, passions, and personality give him glory.

This book will help you to shake off that guilt and recover a sense of your own identity,following God's lead in sharing who you really are. You will discover whom God made you to be both within your family and beyond.

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